"What Is Her Secret?"

Why Do Some Women Get All The Men (Even When They're Not Trying)?

What is their secret?

My guy went from being complacent to "can't get enough of me" and now talking about "our" future together! I have been using these principles for about 6 months. Thank you!"

When you need to know how to handle situations with your man...

Have you ever wanted to ask a man "where you stand" with him?

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Flirting expert Mimi Tanner has written an unusual book - an entire book about calling, emailing, and text messaging the man you are dating.

How much is the right amount?

What do you do when he doesn't call you??

Did you ever call a man too often, and later regret it?

How many relationships fail when the woman starts acting differently than she did in the early stages of their relationship?

These tips can help women who are prone to go overboard once things get cozy - to help keep them from doing things which push men away. Many of these things include calling and emailing men - the wrong way!

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